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A land of deep forest and tradition, Valenwood is the northern most duchy of the Free Kingdoms. The people, named the Valish, are hardworking and superstitious. They pride themselves on their unique culture and independence from the Kingdom at large.

Civil discontent is on the rise in the duchy. Rampant banditry and high taxation have driven the commonfolk to the brink and war is rumored to be all but waging and no one has managed to escape the fallout. The nobles now move to quash or avert the violence, but many think it maybe too late and the first blood of what promises to be a terrible conflict is going to be split

Duke of Valenwood

Duke Vlad Ravengain


Chestnut with a white raven

Makeup Requirements

Humans are not required to wear make-up.

Valish costuming is grounded in the styles of the Normans. Tunics and simple pants are the predominate style, cloaks and jerkins of simple make to ward off the worst of the chill that can settle in around winter. Nobles emulate this style with more emphasis fine fabrics, intricate trims, and the incorporation of fur.

Metal is rare and often used as a sign of wealth, most common folk only having simple wood or clay jewelry while nobility will often wear showy and large pieces.

Those who go armed (which is most of the populace) are armed with a number of weapons of well crafted, but simple designs. Armor is almost exclusively leather, with the most popular style being brigandine.


Unlimited at this time.

Profession Information

Preferred Professions: Any

Forbidden Professions: None, individual houses may have restrictions

Preferred Magic: Any

Forbidden Magic: None


Weapon: None

Magic: None

Production: None

Skill Information

Bonus Craft: Forestry

Required for Nobles: Cartwright

Special Skills: None

Special Masteries: None

Inherent Advantages:


Starting Humans may buy the Nobility skill (only at character creation) if they wish.

Inherent Disadvantages: