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Welcome to the Mythic Adventures Wiki

This wiki is designed to give player's of Mythic Adventures access to open, public information about the game, it's lore, character creation, and more.


This wiki will be an evolving, ever-changing work in progress. It is meant to assist in compiling information, rulings and information can change as clarifications and decisions are made.

What Is Mythic Adventures?

Mythic Adventures is an immersive Live Action Role-Playing experience. It is a LARP of mystery and intrigue with boffer combat that is striving to bring European style LARPing to the United States.

More than that, it is a community. A community that we are proud to be around. Our game is only awesome because the players make it awesome.

What is Live Action Role Play? LARP is defined as a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props. Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons? Or perhaps you've played an RPG like Final Fantasy, World of War Craft, or Mass Effect? LARP takes that level of storytelling and participation to the next level.

Instead of simply choosing an option in a menu, or telling someone what you are doing, you take on the role in every way, becoming your character and acting out your actions in a shared, immersive and ever-growing world. Through interactions with other players, with staff-driven NPCS, monsters, and plot items, you grow the world around you and build a story that all get to experience and live!


Mythic Adventures currently plays out of Camp Geneva in Fruitland Park, FL.