The Queenslands

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The Queen’s personal holding and home of the Kingdom’s capital of Summer’s Rest, the Queenslands are a peaceful pastoral paradise filled with rolling fields and orchards.

The Capital has the highest population density in the free kingdoms and the most diverse inhabitants. It is home to the head chapters and campuses of most human prestige groups, the military, the court, and parliament.

Makeup Requirements

Humans are not required to wear make-up.

The capital and its surroundings base their fashions of 16th and 17th century France, though given the melting pot nature of the capital, pretty much any Renaissance or Medieval fair garb will work.


Unlimited at this time.

Profession Information

Preferred Professions: Any

Forbidden Professions: None, individual houses may have restrictions

Preferred Magic: Any

Forbidden Magic: None


Weapon: None

Magic: None

Production: None

Skill Information

Bonus Craft: None

Required for Nobles: None

Strongly Encouraged Skill: None

Special Skills: None

Special Masteries: None

Inherent Advantages:


Humans from the Queenslands are not able to purchase the Nobility skill at this time.

Inherent Disadvantages: