The Ancient Races

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Long ago, at the very beginning of all things, the darkness was split by a Spark. From this time arose the first ones.

On the world, those closest to the original Spark are known as the Ancient Races. Some have gone extinct; others simply vanished to the planes or from our memories all together.

The origins of these beings are shrouded in the mists of time. Their civilization dates from times before the first Dwarf swung a smith’s hammer, or the first Humans emerged from their primal nomadic ways.

The most common of the Ancient Races are those commonly considered to be fey in nature. The assumption is that they all are descended from a common ancestry. This may or may not be true, depending on how one views the original Spark of all things.

The Ancient Races of the Elves and the Eldar are those which players can most commonly interact with and play as characters.

Other races do exist such as the Fairies, Druen’Ell, and even more wild beings like Centaurs and Dryads.

The Ancient Races tend to be the caretakers of the world and often have fought wars to protect the realm from beings unseen by the Younger Races.

They are known to have built the first great civilizations, though are now universally thought to be in decline and close to extinction after generations of strife against Orcs, Goblins, and other beings of nightmare and legend. Their great cities are often abandoned to the ravages of time. Places where relics of power and magic often await the brave to discover, left by these beings of power and ancient natures.

The Ancient Races often act as guardians and guides to the Younger Races, often referred to as the lesser races by some of these beings. They also jealously guard the secrets the past and may act to intercede rather than allow the Younger Races to tamper with ruins better left forgotten.

The Elves

Regal and often beautiful, the Elven races are commonly considered to be the last of the Ancient or greater races. Even the eldest of these fair races cannot recall the origins of their people, and folklore holds that some great event led to the destruction of the first great Elven nation at the hand of the Orcs. The survivors of this catastrophe were scattered and had to form new nations. Elves

Dawn Elves

Their caste is known as the Que’Lyndir by the Elven people and they are the most common of the Elves. Elves#Dawn Elves

Sylvan Elves

Often referred to as Wild Elves, these Elves have shed the trappings of civilization in favor of a simpler existence more in touch and tune with nature. Elves#Sylvan Elves

High Elves

These are the descendants of the first Elven nation. Known as the Nol’Queldir by all of Elfdom, theirs is the right to rule. Elves#High Elves

Dusk Elves

This enigmatic race is frequently presumed to be evil, though more accurate descriptions may be fierce and calculating. Elves#Dusk Elves

The Eldar






Troll Brood