Farseni Empire

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The Humans of the Farseni Empire are based loosely on Moorish and Persian medieval cultures. They are known to be well educated and are mostly encountered as nomads and merchants in the Free Kingdoms. Once, they were a great empire with many lands under their rule, but they are now in decline. The Jal’Khandian were once the servants of the Farseni Empire and their war for freedom may have been the last nail in the coffin towards the empire’s final decline.

The Farseni Empire has long been rumored to be ruled by a dragon and many have heard the proclamations throughout the land, but none claim to have seen the emperor in the flesh.

Makeup Requirements

A Persian or Moroccan feel to one’s clothing in a must. Veils, scarfs, and caftan are common items of clothing. Farseni have no make-up requirements.


12 per 100 players in the game.

Profession Information

Preferred Professions: Scholars, Crafters and Cavaliers

Forbidden Professions: Maurader

Preferred Magic: Any

Forbidden Magic: None


Weapon: Scimitar, Jambya, and Samshi

Magic: None

Production: None

Skill Information

Special Skills: None

Special Masteries: None

Inherent Advantages:

Farseni are all known for their intelligence and education, thus they have a few benefits in the Scholarly and Production fields.

Farseni gain a level of Divination for free and are trained in the style of Astronomy.

Farseni may purchase any Magic Art (i.e. Wrath Arts, Celestial Arts…) for minus (-1) one point.

Farseni may also purchase any Apprentice skill of for minus (-1) one point Starting Farseni characters may buy the Nobility skill if they wish.

Lastly, their nomadic natures and mercantile expertise mean any Farseni may purchase the Evaluate Item skill for half cost, rounded up.

Inherent Disadvantages:

Farseni have culturally accepted the freedoms won by the Jal’Khandians and have entered many trading agreements with them, but they have still not learned to deal well with the Ancient Races such as the Elves and Eldar. They simply are too foreign to them.

Farseni characters may not learn any Cleaving or Blunt Weapon skills other than Staff, as these items are seen as unclean.

Special Note: Farseni may join the Jal’Parr ibn Klem prestige group if they qualify.

**** You must have a Marshall’s approval to play a Farseni****