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Edomere is a place of Trading, Art, and Exploration. The priority placed on these attributes depends on the group or person you ask.

Access to cheaper food from Berowick combined with Cultural influences from the Farseni traders has led to a more specialized and merit-based society in Edomere. A skilled individual can rise among his peers to become a person of wealth and importance in Edomere.

Houses and Merchants use their wealth to compete to patronize great Artists, Mages, Engineers, and Scientists. A focus is put on information that is more useful in war, such as Firearms and Siege Engines. Finding a good patron is a goal for many from Edomere.

Flowing in the steps of Scoprire, Edomere has a focus on exploration and sends out ships to search for new islands or land that has not been discovered yet. With the hopes to expand without breaking the treaty with the elves. This has led to several noble and merchant houses building their estates on newly found islands as a sign of Prestige.

Duke of Edomere

Duke Travin Oberon


Sea green with a silver seahorse

Makeup Requirements

Humans are not required to wear make-up.

For commoners, themes of Renaissance Italy should be in your garb, but can also include garb that is seafaring in nature. For Nobles, there is a higher standard of costuming that must include inspiration from Renaissance Italian Fashion.

Edomere is a naval Duchy, and this is reflected in its clothing. Commoners wear plain loose-fitting cottons and linen clothing that would support a life at sea or on the coast.

Those looking at appearing wealthier and/or noble should look towards Renaissance Italian fashion. Wealthy Edomerians see clothing as a status symbol, and will normally purchase new fashion regularly as a way to show off wealth.

A character who house is inside of the Book of SIlver might show that with a long sash of silver cloth or a silver bracelet.


Unlimited at this time.

Profession Information

Preferred Professions: Any

Forbidden Professions: None, individual houses may have restrictions

Preferred Magic: Any

Forbidden Magic: None


Weapon: None

Magic: None

Production: None

Skill Information

Bonus Craft: Shipwright

Required for Nobles: Navigation

Strongly Encouraged Skill: Evaluate Item

Special Skills: None

Special Masteries: None

Inherent Advantages:


Starting Humans may buy the Nobility skill (only at character creation) if they wish.

Inherent Disadvantages: