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The southernmost duchy draws traders like flowers entice bees. The closest geographically to the Farseni Empire, they parallel the mercantile aims of their southern neighbor. A relatively young duchy, it seems to be a meritocracy with most of the nobility having been raised from successful merchant houses with the Duchess leading and riding herd on the pack. The pursuit of wealth is considered a primary virtue in these lands and even commoners are hustling to do business. Durenmyrians have trade routes throughout the kingdom and beyond. This has sometimes led them into conflict with other groups and there is a noticeable lack of Dwarven trade.

Duchess of Durenmyr

Duchess Loren Vigardt


Red with a white Tudor rose

Makeup Requirements

Humans are not required to wear make-up.

Based upon the Dutch conservative style of the 15th-17th centuries. Severe blacks, lots of coverage, ruffs, and similar fashions.


Unlimited at this time.

Profession Information

Preferred Professions: Any

Forbidden Professions: None, individual houses may have restrictions

Preferred Magic: Any

Forbidden Magic: None


Weapon: None

Magic: None

Production: None

Skill Information

Bonus Craft: Draft Teams

Required for Nobles: Evaluate Item

Special Skills: None

Special Masteries: None

Inherent Advantages:


Starting Humans may buy the Nobility skill (only at character creation) if they wish.

Inherent Disadvantages: