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Related to the Djinn such as the genies of air and the efreeti of fire, these elemental beings are masters of Elemental magics.

Their keeps seem to float around many of the most extreme environments of the world. Deserts, volcanoes, arctic plains all are home, and in fact relished by the Djinn-born.

Djinn-born are very long lived, it is speculated they can endure for thousands of years powered by the magic they manipulate.

Makeup Requirements

Djinn-born must wear various prosthetics like horns or ears or both and should be made to look like the element they are closest to, or multiple elements if approved by a Marshall.

Djinn-born have full body make-up that must reflect the nature of the element they are closest to, or even multiple elements. So, a fire Djinn-born might have red skin with bright orange and yellow veins, brown or gray like dirt or even marble would mark a Djinn-born close to earth. Prosthetics are encouraged and may be used for a more elemental face. A Djinn-born’s hair is usually a dark color, but may be any color, or none.

As elemental beings, the Djinn-born can use prosthetics to add to their look. A player may want to have crystals or rocks coming out of their Djinn-born’s arms or head. Several looks can be achieved to give the feeling of being one with the elements.

Djinn-born tend to wear costuming of a flowing nature, often adorned with magical symbols or glyphs. They also often cover their bodies in bright magical runes.


3 per 100 players in the game, with a minimum of 100 players before becoming available to play.

Profession Information

Preferred Professions: Sorcerer, Sentinel

Forbidden Professions: Marauder, Ranger, Knight of Valor, Knight of Darkness

Preferred Magic: Elemental

Forbidden Magic: Hearth and Necromancy


Weapon: Sword Blade & Spear

Magic: Elemental

Production: Scribe

Skill Information

Special Skills: Resist Elemental (up to 5 times, plus any class Resists)

Special Masteries: None

Inherent Advantages:

Djinn-born have been exposed to the powerful elemental forces of their planar exile. Thus, Djinn-born may purchase the skill Resist Elemental up to 5 times regardless of their profession or any skill in Elemental magic, these are in addition to any their profession or spell column allows.

Djinn-born who learn Elemental as their primary magic gain a special bonus of an additional spell at each level of magic they have learned. For example, if a Djinn-born has a 4,3,2,1 primary elemental column they may cast 5,4,3,2 spells. These bonus spells MUST be an Elemental spell. (I.e. Fire, Ice, Lightning)

Their special knowledge of Ethereal magic allows Djinn-born to purchase the Elemental Arts skill for half skill point cost, rounded up.

Djinn-born are said to be so hearty they are immune to elemental damage. Though this is not quite the case they do become more in tune with the elements as they progress. This translates into a damage reduction verse Elemental attacks and spells of minus one (-1) per level of the Djinn-born, regardless of his or her profession. This does not apply to the base damage of a weapon such that a sword calling 10 magical fire would still do its base 10 magic against the Djinn-born. But the fiery breath of a hell hound would be reduced by this defense. (Example a 7th Level Djinn-born rogue who is hit by a 10 fire packet from a hell hound or an Ice Blast spell from an elementalist would only take three (3) points of damage from the attack.

Starting Djinn-born may buy the Nobility skill if they wish.

Inherent Disadvantages:

Djinn-born are completely unable to learn the Hearth Arts or Necromancy Arts skills.

In addition, a Djinn-born must pay an additional 1 skill point cost for each Spell Level purchased for any Terrestrial Art they can learn. (i.e. Knights of Strife now pay 3 for a 1st or 2nd level spell slot, 4 for a 3rd and so on.)

So powerful is the Djinn-born pull toward Elemental magic that it must always be their primary Ethereal Art, learned before Arcanist or Celestial.

Note: All Players wishing to start a Djinn-born must have achieved enough experience to be at minimum Level 15 before creating one of these beings. See a Marshall or Staff on the ways this can be achieved.

Note: You must have a Marshall’s approval to play this race!��


This primer is a short description of the Djinn Born and is NOT an all-encompassing Lore/Racial Packet. Most of the information within can be considered general knowledge. The Djinn Born are by nature a secretive race and not much is publically known about them, and the little information spread may or may not be true. However, the following are considered as factual and some individuals may know more.

The Djinn-Born

“Her eyes burned bright, cutting through the dark of night, and with a few words and a flick of her crimson wrist, the encroaching foot soldiers were rent asunder. Cinder, flame, ember and ash, the same fate befell all who challenged her will.” Scribed on a clay tablet Author unknown, Date unknown

Short bardic verse and fire side stories make up the bulk of what is known of the Djinn Born. Portrayed as both mighty heroic wizards bending the elements to their wills as well as fiends harnessing the power of the elements to tear civilizations down. The one constant is their mastery of stone, lightning, ice, and fire.

Some scholars and well-travelled adventurers know more; however, they seem to be keeping their knowledge to themselves.


Scholars still debate how old the Djinn Born civilization is. Some say they have been around thousands of years, others believe they came to being around the same time as elves, other believe they are older still, perhaps as old as the world itself, but all believe them to be a very old race.

Little is known about the Djinn Born history outside of a few general milestones. First is the Djinn Born sent a contingent during the past Dredd War and the War against the Shawdowvium. This was the most recent sighting of Djinn Born outside of the occasional delegation sent to noble houses of the races for political functions.

Historians say that 2000-3000 years ago or so the Djinn Born fought in a massive war with another race. The war reportedly spanned centuries before the fighting ceased. It is also rumored the Djinn Penned by Dan Dawson 2 Born ancestors fought amongst themselves frequently and ultimately a treaty was signed and the Senate was created to help bring the race together

The Four Major Houses

The Djinn Born Empire has four Major houses, each ruled by a Prince or Princess. There is no King or Queen within the Djinn Born Empire, but rather a tenuous joint rule by the four houses and the Senate. The names of the four houses are unknown, but most believe there is a royal house for each primary element. While individuals can be born into the Royal houses, they can also be disowned, conversely those who show great worth can gain status within the Royal houses as well. It is unknown if there are minor noble houses underneath the Royal houses.

The Senate

The Senate is made up of nobility. It is not that only the nobility are selected for the senate, but all senators are nobles. The exact power of the Senate is not clear given the four Royal houses. It is also unknown how one becomes a member of the Senate as there are members of noble birth, and those who attained nobility through deeds.

Requirements to Play a Djinn-Born

As a restricted race, a player must gain approval to play a Djinn Born character. This is done by gaining approval of both the Djinn Born Race Marshall. Things needed before final approval is made.

  1. Proven roleplaying skills. Roleplaying a Djinn Born is not for everyone.
  2. Approved Make-up.
  3. Approved costuming.
  4.  Basic Character Concept and basic backstory
  5. Ability to keep things to yourself both IN and OUT of play.

Naming Conventions

Djinn Born can have a wide range of names, normally they at least have a given name and surname. It is rumored Djinn Born find names starting with the letter ‘U’ as distasteful.


The life span of the Djinn Born is said to be hundreds if not thousands of years. As the Djinn Born have frequently return to their floating cities for long periods of time, it has been difficult for scholars to pin down a better life expectancy for these elemental beings.

Where Are You From?

There are three major floating cities within the Djinn Born Empire: Driix, Estranium, and Vy’Alrik.

  • Driix is a city of industry.
  • Estranium is the home of the Trivium Elementa, a Djinn Born school of magic.
  • Vy’Alrik is home to the djinn Born Senate.

These cities reportedly have smaller satellite districts that float around them. The great floating cities of the Djinn Born are a marvel of magical prowess, one can only imagine what other wonders lie inside.

Picking an Element

Djinn Born by their nature are elemental. As such anyone playing a Djinn Born must choose a primary element. This will not only impact the makeup requirements but also the role playing aspect as well.

Basic guidelines for the elements are as follows:

  1. Air: Thoughtful, distant, sometimes aloof, emotional
  2. Fire: Cleansing and damaging, quick to anger, slow to forgive
  3. Ice/Water: Adaptable, go with the flow, easy going, can seem emotionless/cold
  4. Stone: Stoic, strong, rigid in their opinions, slow to anger

Choose your element according to what you can roleplay.

Djinn Born understand each element has its place, and maintain the ability to cast any element; however, this doesn’t not mean an Ice Djinn Born will cast fire all the time. As a rule, they would prefer to cast the elements they are most in line with, but would be more than willing to cast fire, lightning, or stone when the situation called for it.

Djinn-Born Lore Packet

Lore Packet can be received in play by learning the appropriate skill, or by being approved to play a Djinn Born Character.