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May 11, 2023 - Tavern Menu for Mythic Gala!

May 05, 2023 - May Gala Schedule and Monstering FYI

From the desk of Thane Molnar:

***OFFICIAL*** May Gala Schedule and Monstering FYI

Hello Adventurers!

There have been some questions about the schedule and volunteer/monster shifts at the upcoming event, as we have added Adventure Rings as well.


Friday 11pm: Adventure Ring: Hidden Hunters

Friday/Saturday 12am: Adventure Ring: Undermarket 2: Bio-electric Body Glue

Saturday 10am: Bazaar begins

Saturday 10am: Adventure Ring: Susu’s Special Delivery

Saturday 11am: Adventure Ring: Life’s Work

Saturday 2pm: Bazaar ends

Saturday 3pm: Auctions begin

Saturday 5pm: Adventure Ring: Disciples of the Fallen Crown

Saturday 6pm: Adventure Ring: Operation: Firestorm

Saturday 11pm: Masquerade Ball

Sunday 8am: Silky Sunday


The May Gala, just like any normal three-day event DOES HAVE a volunteer shift/monster shift requirement.

If you are already monstering/volunteering a dungeon shift at the event, it COUNTS AS YOUR SHIFT for the event IN ADDITION to counting as your dungeon volunteer shift. If you are not already signed up, there are options:

There will be parking/check-in and checkout shifts as normal. These may be signed up for at the event. Normal restrictions apply.

Tavern shifts will be available as normal. These may be signed up for at the event.

Limited monster shifts will be available per the below schedule. These may be signed up for at the event.

-Friday: 12pm-4am

-Saturday: 6pm-10pm

-Sunday: 10am-2pm

-Sunday: Clean-up 12pm-4pm

Finally, the following Adventure Rings still have open monster slots, which can be signed up for at the event:

-Saturday 5pm: Adventure Ring: Disciples of the Fallen Crown

-Saturday 11am: Adventure Ring: Life’s Work

There will be a ***limited, optional (does not count for your monster shift for the event) load-in and setup shift on Thursday evening (starting at 7pm, do not arrive to site earlier then that under any circumstances - 10 slots)

There will be an early, optional (does not count for your monster shift for the event) load-in and setup shift on Friday Morning (starting at 10am, sharp - 20 slots)

There will be an optional (does not count for your monster shift for the event) tear-down shift on Sunday at 12PM - 20 slots)

All of these shifts are very physically intensive, so please bear that in mind.

These shifts can be signed up for via google form HERE:

We will select people for these shifts via RNG as before, until they are full and reach out via email. Signups for these shifts will close Monday 5/8/23 at 11pm.


If you volunteer/monster for 5 hours in a SINGLE DAY, during the May Gala event – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – this WILL provide an item credit as normal, as we have added Adventure Rings and it’s something of a tradition. Yes, this means what you think it means.


Hope that clears up questions!

April 25, 2023 - Crafters for Bazaar Booths!

****Official Staff Post****

From the desk of Amanda:


If you are interested in selling at the Bazaar for either crowns or USD, please contact me! If you know someone who is interested in selling at the Bazaar, have them contact me! 

We will be open for outside vendors from 10-6 on Saturday, May 13th!

April 20, 2023 - Tavern Menu for Feypril 2023!

Faepril Menu!!! The Professor returns to fullfill his Yule promise for a particular hand crafted food item elevated on Saturday Night.

Tavern Menu


From the Desk of Silas:

Hello, everyone! 🌿 This is a longer post - but very important - so please make sure to read the whole thing and spread the word to your friends. 🙏

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that sign-ups for the 2023 Adventure Rings are finally here! 🤩 As discussed at the last opening ceremonies, we're doing things a bit differently this year. 

However, I wasn't there! 😂 So, I'd like to highlight the changes here myself, to ensure everyone is clear on the structure. 💙 

There's a link to a GoogleForm attached to this post. It's the same system that our lovely librarians use, and what I've adopted for volunteering opportunities over in that dedicated group. This sign-up form will collect your responses into an easily readable and organized way. It will be used for both PC and NPC requests! 

The survey will CLOSE on April 24th (one week from now) and you may ONLY submit a response for YOURSELF.

All of your responses will be run through a Random Number Generator (RNG) to fill Adventure Ring slots after it closes. It's important that you go through all of the form's instructions carefully, to make sure we know as many of your preferences as possible.

We've switched to this format for a variety of reasons, and made these changes in favor of equity and inclusion.

1. The form reduces the impact of 'first-come-first-serve'! This has been a complaint surrounding the email method for several years, so we're aiming to resolve that. 💪

2. It creates a greater sense of inclusivity by allowing newer players - unaffiliated with groups - to get involved! ✨

3. It's way easier to sort and categorize from a staff perspective, theoretically reducing the administrative hours from 15 to anywhere from 4-6! 🌸

We recognize that many groups would like to stay together and run Adventure Rings as a unit! Rest assured that we will take these preferences into account and try to make adjustments where possible. However, please be mindful that these dungeons exist to involve new people as well 💙 So, we would like to avoid one group taking up every available slot. 

Again - please make sure you're carefully following the instructions in the form. We're aiming to make the process as seamless as possible. 😉

As mentioned above: this survey will CLOSE at 11PM on April 24th. You have until then to submit your replies. If you miss this window then you will have to wait for any potential sign-ups at the event itself. We won't be accommodating requests to submit forms or alterations after this window has passed.

Talk soon, and may the odds be ever in your favor!